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AGT354D Recirculator

The new AGT354D-1 (110V) and AGT354D-2 (220V) recirculator has the most up-to-date and sophisticated equipment on the market.

The demand for communication ports has been answered. We have integrated the RS-485 into the new 354D. The D model is digital, versus analog, it has a built in Alarm and the 4-20mA temperature control option.

We have been building and selling the new models since the introduction in January 2004 and have received rave reviews from our customers. Accurate Gas Control Systems is slowly phasing out the 354C models, however we will continue to service them. The 354C has been a reliable circulator for 15+ years and we expect even greater reliability from the D models.

Below are a few of the enhancements and capacity improvements that have been made:

  • Larger compressor, from 1/4 hp to 1/3 hp for greater efficiency
  • Larger condenser, from 1-pass to 3-pass for greater cooling capacity
  • Eliminated the pressure gauge by installing a pressure transducer in the delivery line for more accurate pressure readings
  • We have designed our own control board to prevent less failures
  • Simplified the customer interface by making the graphics easier to read
  • Standardized the pump for common parts; all units now use the same capacity liquid pumps

We have improved on an already great piece of imperative equipment and expect the 354D to live up to and surpass the standards set by the C models.

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